What is Authentic.co?

Authentic.co is a curated collection of exclusive, high-quality, creative, and commercially viable imagery. All content is responsibly sourced from the most talented artists around the world and only available to our members for a small monthly fee. Click here to learn more about our prices and licenses. 

Are these files royalty-free?

Yes, all the images on Authentic.co are royalty-free. 

Does Authentic offer an extended license?

For $99 per image, a member may purchase an extended license which provides unlimited print runs, unlimited seats, and products for resale. Please review our license agreement. 

What type of files are available on Authentic?

Authentic offers high resolution JPEG files. Additional file formats may be offered in the future. 

What resolution does Authentic make available?

All images available on Authentic are high resolution files perfect for web or 300 dpi printing.

Is video content available on Authentic?

Not at this time but stay tuned. 

How much does Authentic cost to download files?

Authentic files are only available to our members. Membership costs as little as $8.99 per month for individual users. Members also have access to extended licenses which cost $99 per image. Learn more about our pricing. 

Can I try Authentic before I buy? 

Images on Authentic.co are only available to members and memberships costs as little as $8.99 per month. 

How can I use the files on Authentic?

Images on Authentic.co are available for active members to use on personal projects at home or school, in print and online media such as magazine ads and websites. To learn more about image usage, please review the license agreement or contact customer service

Are there any restrictions I should know?

Authentic licenses are very broad but there are a few you should know:

  • The images may not be used in a manner that puts Authentic, the artists, or models in a bad light. 
  • The images may not be used for anything pornographic, immoral, or illegal. 
  • The images may not be used for a logo or trademark.
  • The images may not be distributed to a third party or available as a standalone file.

For additional information please review the license agreement.

Can I share my membership with my family or my office?

No. Unless otherwise authorized by Authentic in writing a membership is only available to one person and may not be shared. 

Do you offer a discount to nonprofit organizations?

Authentic offers a low-priced membership but you may contact customer service for consideration. 

What is the difference between an Individual membership and a Professional membership?

Authentic.co offers three type of memberships, Individual, Professional, and Enterprise.

  • Individual memberships are designed for one person to use for personal/home use or for one person at a company.
  • Professional memberships are designed for companies/agencies/freelancers that provide marketing and promotional support to third party companies or individuals. 
  • Enterprise memberships are designed for businesses that need multiple user accounts and customized licenses. 

Does Authentic offer an Enterprise payment option?

Enterprise users may contact customer service for more information. 

Do the files on Authentic have model and property releases?

Yes, the Authentic team only provides members images with model and property releases when needed. Please contact customer service if you have any further questions. 

What type of payment does Authentic take?

Authentic.co takes Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express for membership and extended licenses. 

Can Authentic invoice me?

Please contact customer service for additional information.