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Conquer Rejection: 4 Steps To Take When You Don’t Get The Job

It’s the email nobody wants to get. It starts with “We regret to inform you….” and ends with you wondering what went wrong. So, you didn’t get the job you really wanted… Now what should you do? First, realize that rejection is a part of life, especially if you’re on the job hunt. While your first instinct might be to delete that flashy company’s contact info and pretend like the interview never happened, that’s not…
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Hiring Remote? Here’s How to Communicate Company Culture

We’ve all heard about the fun things companies like Google and Facebook do to create a positive and engaging culture in their offices. It’s easy to drum up excitement in new talent when you can show off a cereal wall or slide on the office tour. But what about the companies that thrive on remote staff? While it can be more difficult to communicate and effectively promote company culture when hiring for remote positions, it’s…
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5 Resume Keywords to Borrow from Tech Leaders

Writing a resume or cover letter for any job can be difficult, but applying to web development roles comes with its own set of challenges. First, there’s the matter of translating all the technical jargon and complex terminology of your work into plain language that everybody on the hiring team can understand. Then there’s the issue of finding a balance between putting yourself in the best possible light, while also staying true to your experience…

The Basics of Making An Offer To Your First Hire

Recruiting and interviewing your startup’s first employee is a thrilling and trying time. For startup founders who often lack HR experience—and are already deep in the activity of launching a business—the process is downright daunting. Once you’ve found a candidate that checks all the boxes, it’s time to bring them on board. This process can be broken into four steps: covering the legal requirements, negotiating, making an offer, and planning for their first day. In…
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Using Unrelated Experiences to Land a Programming Job

You’ve read the job description over and over again, but you’re still not sure if you should apply. Maybe you don’t check all of the required qualifications, or you’re a few years shy of the preferred years of experience. Either way, your resume makes it hard to explain exactly why you’re perfect for this role. But consider that experience outside of programming and web development can actually give you a leg up against your competition.…
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3 Secrets For Leading Remote Teams to Success

Managers looking to successfully lead a remote team should have two concerns: hiring the right people and making sure everyone is on the same page after that. While simple in writing, it’s hard to resist the temptation to treat remote workers as mythical beasts who are better left to their own devices. This isn’t Hogwarts, and remote workers aren’t wizards. Great managers of remote workers do three things in common to ensure employees are happy,…